Communicating Interdisciplinary Scholarship. Conclusions from COSCH

Anna Bentkowska-Kafel with contribution from Frank Boochs


The study of cultural heritage requires expertise of many disciplines as different as history and optical science. Each discipline brings its discrete research methods and know-how. Complementary knowledge is gained, gradually, through effective collaboration. Effective collaboration is not easy. Articulation and communication of respective research questions, ways of addressing these questions and expected outcomes, is a challenge in all collaborative projects. This concluding chapter discusses how the COST Action, Colour in Space in Cultural Heritage, has addressed and managed this challenge, through the case studies described in the present book and other activities. The authors draw conclusions from COSCH and note some general points that bear on the success of diffusion of interdisciplinary research and its future.

Keywords: interdisciplinary research, communication, cultural heritage, science, optical technologies, COSCH